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What Drugs Do To Your Brain And Body

Drugs have been around for a very long time. Even in the past, people used to use them. Hallucinogenic mushrooms are among the earliest known drugs in human history. They did not have to be planted as they could be found anywhere. Do not think that drugs are good for you just because your ancestors used them at one point. It is important to note that drugs were in such high usage then because no scientific studies in relation to the use of drugs had been conducted. It is also important to note that all the drugs used in the past grew naturally, which explains why there were no effects like those experienced when one indulges in the use of modern day drugs.

A lot of things have evolved with the continuous development of science and technology and sadly, one of these things is drugs. A lot of drugs today are synthesized in laboratories and then released to the ignorant population. You would be shocked by the sheer number of chemical combinations used to come up with most of the drugs being sold today. If you use the drugs being sold today, you will lose your power of reasoning and find yourself craving more even when you know the drugs are wrong for you. In this article we will be looking at the effects of two of the most commonly abused drugs in society today. Check it out!

Cannabis is the first drug we will look into. Marijuana is another name for this drug though a lot of youths prefer to call it weed. Cannabis has been made legal in a number of states today because of a number of studies that have shown that it can be used to treat a number of ailments. More research on cannabis shows that just like alcohol, the drug numbs a person’s central nervous system and hence the reason why most marijuana users are unable to react fast to certain situations. The long-term effects of cannabis are paranoia and schizophrenia, especially if you start using the drug at an early age.

Another drug we need to look at is cocaine. Cocaine, unlike alcohol and cannabis is a stimulant that gives one a high for some minutes. Users of cocaine tend to experience withdrawal after the high, leaving them with the need to have more of the drug, making this particular drug one of the most dangerous drugs in the market today. Since this drug fastens one’s heart rate, its users are in danger of having heart attacks or strokes. Some of the most common effects of cocaine are loss of weight, sleep deprivation, hallucinations, psychosis and collapse of the septum because the snorting of cocaine through the nose creates sores in the nose. Open this website to learn more.

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